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2024 Event Trends Study

Ignite Event success: Technology is the Game-changer for Enhanced Attendee Experiences and Value

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    Embracing event technology. 

    To reflect the always-changing events industry, planners are utilizing tools to help boost event ROI and level up the attendee experience. And while event professionals report positive trends like increased numbers for attendance, budgets, and events, technology remains the game-changer for those looking to elevate and streamline their future events.

    What you’ll learn in this study:

    • Current event tech trends and insights into event planners’ experiences and mindsets
    • How technology helps event planners improve key aspects of event management
    • Event planners’ strategies for marketing events and improving the event experience
    • How to use this study to take your events to the next level

    Gain actionable takeaways to drive more engagement and value and help guide your strategies.

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    Incorporate technology for event success

    Like last year, organizations that are early adopters of technology report stronger growth in almost every area of event execution.

    • Almost half of Event Planners say that incorporating new or better technology into events is a top priority.
    • Choosing the right event technology is among the five biggest challenges to achieving event goals.
    48 percent of events statistic


    Event Planners are incorporating innovative technologies into their events to provide modern event experiences.


    Prioritize attendee

    Attendee engagement is reported as a high priority, and even higher for Event Planners whose organizations are early adopters of technology.

    • Only 30% of Event Planners express full confidence that their organization has a holistic event attendee experience strategy and approach.
    • 57% of event planners say providing a memorable attendee experience is a top priority in the next 12 months.
    87 percent of event planners statistic


    To elevate your attendees’ experience, create an event strategy focused on a smooth attendee experience and high-value engagement activities.


    On-Demand Webinar

    Ignite Event Success: Technology is the game-changer for enhanced attendee experiences and value 

    Join Community Brands for a deep dive into the comprehensive findings of the 2024 Event Planners Study – a study of 500+ professionals that are planning events for corporations, government organizations, nonprofits, and associations. Walk away with powerful ways to use the data and insights from this study to take your organization’s events to the next level.