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Communication & Engagement

Complete School Communications

Facilitate parental engagement with our school apps and communication services.

How Community Brands is helping schools

We are dedicated to helping schools save time by making all aspects of parental engagement simple and effective. Many schools rely on our products to easily communicate with families, reduce time in the office, and provide staff more time.


Text Messages & Emails for Schools

Reach out to families in a matter of seconds through short and concise text messages or detailed emails with attachments.


School Forms

Forget about handing out paper slips to students; collect information and consent forms online by using our intuitive templates.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Organize parent-teacher conferences online or in person in seconds, and manage bookings as they come in.

How do families benefit from our services?

Our platforms are a great helping hand for schools, but they also aim to make parents and guardians happy and satisfied.


Always informed

Sometimes it can be hard to remember what’s happening at school, but quick text messages and app notifications to parents can be effective reminders.


Engaging with their child’s school day

Families, even the busier ones, will be more involved in their children’s educational journey through consistent communication from your school.


Real-time engagement

In case of an emergency or an important announcement, families will be notified instantly.


Building your school’s brand

Making your school website unique makes you stand out from the crowd and represents your essence and values.


Innovative school web design

Our team will work closely with you to ensure you receive exactly the bespoke service you are wishing for.


Your school’s central hub for parental engagement


Intuitive school apps to keep your families involved.

School website design services.
Interactive support portal to help you navigate.
Bespoke and customizable for your school.



Perfect solution for middle & high schools

Useful messaging templates with endless options.
Free communications app.
Easily collect online forms and e-signatures.
Self-service: let parents book slots for parent-teacher conferences.



Communications tool for elementary schools

Easy to use and feature-rich.
Manage everything in one place.
Organize virtual meetings with multiple attendees.
Navigate messaging options and reach out to families in seconds.


Want to find out more about our products?

We’d love to talk more about our full range of products and help you find what you’re looking for!