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Data Analytics for Associations

Bring actionable insights into every decision.

Give your organization the power to integrate multiple sources of data to grow revenue, advance your organization’s mission, and uncover new insights that lead to smarter business decisions.

Make better data-driven decisions.

Explore solutions intuitive enough for staff of all levels to use daily, and powerful enough to tackle your most complex needs.

Encourage easy-to-use analytics for everyone

Allow your staff, in technical and non-technical roles, to create actionable insights and use visual elements to evaluate performance within your organization.


Manage your data without compromise

Aggregate data from other systems into one central location to save your staff time spent on manual, labor intensive custom reports.


Keep your organization two steps ahead

Become proactive by using insights to prioritize initiatives, strengthen relationships, and drive revenue with a 360-degree member view.


Empower your team with powerful insights

Enable users to easily upload their own data and build their own dashboards with do-it-yourself configurability and customization.


Create a deeper connection with your members

Take broad data and use filters to refine data sets to prioritize member initiatives and effortlessly spot membership trends.


Grant access to data based on roles

Give your staff access to data based on authority, responsibility, and job competency to enable them to effectively perform their job duties.


Take full control of your association’s data.

Nucleus Analytics

Nucleus Analytics

Empower your organization to move faster and make smarter decisions with the visual data analytics system by Nucleus. Built specifically for member-based organizations, Nucleus easily integrates data from disparate sources into a 360-degree view of the organization and its members.


Deliver powerful insights with Nucleus Analytics.

Streamline your analytics processes with Nucleus.


Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems for a unified data source.


Multi-device support

Quickly launch any data set from anywhere, on any device.

Data exploration

Immediately pull in datasets to integrate and identify missing or needed data.


Smoothly gain insights with easy-to-use dashboards and visualizations.


Actionable reports

Easily export filtered data to share the results across your organization.

Data glossary

Provide users with contextual definitions and descriptions of how metrics are calculated.

“We received a 10% boost in membership renewal rates just by reaching out with targeted marketing campaigns to lists that Nucleus helped us segment.”

Karen Greenwood
AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association)

Create a unified approach to your association’s analytics.

Discover easy and comprehensive analytics for associations that combine out-of-the-box member industry data visualizations with unlimited flexibility.