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Learning Management System (LMS)

Foster learner engagement and maximize revenue

Scale your continuing education program with a flexible LMS solution

Explore your potential with learning management solutions built to empower staff and members and drive organizational growth.

Create impactful and interactive content

Utilize our powerful course creation tools to build accessible learning options including webinars, rebroadcasts, on-demand options, and more.

Enhance learner engagement

Improve the entire learning experience with Community Brands’ highly collaborative LMS platforms and offer more networking opportunities for both learners and staff.

Customize the learning experience

Deliver relevant learning content, inspire career growth, and drive learner retention with personalized learning paths.

Reap the benefits of advanced administrative tools

Leverage Community Brands LMS platforms for tools to create and support learning content for certifications, credentials, and continuing education.

Maximize non-dues revenue

Diversify your revenue stream by offering credentialling and certification programs based on your program’s unique needs, offered in a variety of formats.

Foster program growth

Empower your entire association to grow when you tap into the potential of trusted, seamless integrations with other Community Brands connected solutions– the industry’s largest provider of innovative technology platforms.

Ready to find your perfect learning management solution?

Become your industry’s ultimate hub for professional development and continuing education.

Captivate your learning audience

Advance your educational goals with the association industry’s most intuitive platform designed to deliver live webinars, webcasts, and on-demand courses. Create a comprehensive continuing education program using Freestone’s flexible learner interface, robust administration features, interactive learning tools, and seamless integration capabilities.

Exceed your educational goals

Simplify administration for your team and easily create courses from a modern learning portal with Crowd Wisdom’s flexible technology. Assemble and produce courses based on set objectives or certification paths utilizing powerful recommendation engine and personalized career paths.

When you partner with Freestone and Crowd Wisdom, you’re not just getting software – you’re part of the Community Brands family! Expect top-notch support, security, and scalability tailored to your organization’s one-of-a-kind requirements.

Discover why renowned associations choose Community Brands learning management solutions:

Flexible event options

Reach more learners and increase learner accessibility with live event types including webcasts, rebroadcasts, and on-demand course options.

Personalized learning experience

Customize the learning experience with Personalized Learning Paths that help curate content that empowers career growth and boosts retention.

Robust functionality

Interactive learning tools like checkpoints, assessments, Q&A, and live polling improve learner outcomes and increase engagement.

Superior learner engagement

Social learning community deepens the learning experience by offering the ability to collaborate and network within your learning site.

Improved learner outcomes

Assessments and testing helps assess learners during a course and advance learner outcomes.

Scalable platform

API integration seamlessly connects your existing software ecosystem of applications with a unified user experience.

Enhanced reporting

Advanced reporting options quantify the value of your continuing education program and improve learner outcomes.

Tracking and certifications

Track and manage continuing education credits and certifications to meet your unique program needs.

Centralized hub

Manage online courses, data and continuing education, from start to finish, in one centralized location.

 Not sure which LMS will meet your organization’s needs?

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