About Community Brands

Who We Are

Community Brands is a collective ecosystem of purpose-driven companies bringing together the best technology and market expertise to accelerate innovation and fulfill the unmet needs of purpose-driven organizations, so they can thrive in today’s fast-paced, evolving world.

What We Do

Community Brands provides technology and engagement platforms to membership organizations, schools and nonprofits to help them better manage mission-critical operations and relationships. Our suite of connected solutions provide flexibility and choice for organizations looking for the best solution, regardless of their size.

How We Do It

Accelerated Innovation

Community Brands accelerates innovation in technology and underserved markets to level the playing field between for-profits and purpose-driven organizations. We’ve assembled a family of market-leading solutions and partners, leveraging the collective wisdom and resources to introduce the right innovation at the right time for the markets we serve.

Connected Technologies

Community Brands delivers a connected engagement platform to manage mission-critical operations and relationships. Through seamless integration, we reduce complexity, lower integration costs, and enable improved experiences for your internal team and constituents. Our connected technologies eliminate redundancies and provide end-to-end insights that simplify processes and experiences.

Market Expertise

We have more than three decades of leadership and success developing and implementing software solutions for membership organizations, nonprofits, and schools. We are committed to educating the sector, providing data-driven insights and new ideas, and facilitating change and innovation within purpose-driven organizations.

Why We Do It

From income inequality to improving the quality of education and life, we care and are committed to improving the world we live in. We are passionate about our customers’ impact and are invested in powering their success. We’re a group of motivated volunteers, members, and donors who are committed to effecting positive change.