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Harvest your member
and attendee career
advancement opportunities.

Associations and Events Fall Solutions Summit

October 11, 2023

10:00 a.m. - 1:50 p.m. ET

Solutions Summit

Are you ready to become your industry’s go-to career resource?

The 2023 Community Brands Association Trends Study found that 85% of association professionals and 77% of members agree that organizations must innovate, or they will no longer be a go-to source for professional development. Career advancement remains a top benefit for association members and event attendees, underscoring the importance of investing in your constituents’ futures with career boosting technology.

Harvest the full potential of career-building resources with the Community Brands family of tech solutions. Discover how the right technology can support your members, staff, and attendees by enhancing experience and boosting engagement.

Join our Associations, Careers, Events, and Learning experts for this live, virtual event, including bountiful demos and exciting solutions to foster your members’ careers.

Explore our solutions

Member Management

Learning & Development

Career & Insights

Event Management & Engagement



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1:45–1:50 PM ET

Association Management Software

Fall for member management software

Our member management solutions meet association-specific needs, tailored to organizations of every shape and size. Discover the perfect AMS to amplify your professional development impact with tools that boost member connections, leverage data and analytics, and drive revenue and growth.

The most trusted member management system built on #1 CRM Salesforce features amazing member experiences, future-focused predictive analytics, and continuous upgrades.

The most flexible and scalable system for large associations and unions simplifies complex membership operations and enables organizations to grow without limits.

The most robust AMS built on Microsoft Azure for midsize to large associations offers features to maximize revenue, save staff time, and thrill members without the technical complexities.

The all-in-one AMS for small staff associations and nonprofits offers increased engagement and improved efficiency for staff, plus an online member community.

Learning Management Software

Rake up the benefits of continuing education

Become your industry’s premier destination for professional development and continuing education with an easy-to-use LMS that offers robust administrative capabilities. Support your members throughout their careers with both live and on-demand educational content featuring interactive tools to drive engagement and foster growth.

Flexible learning solution designed to deliver engaging online experiences with highly personalized learning paths, assessments, tracking, certifications, and lively social components.

Built to deliver impactful interactive content that enhances member education and advances career goals via webinars, webcasts, live and on-demand content.

Career Center and Association Analytics

Blaze a trail to career advancement

Support your members throughout their careers by choosing a system to help you understand and leverage your member data. Take career advancement to the next level when you invest in a solution that offers career advice and coaching, on-site and virtual career fairs, job board software, and career pathing options.

With solutions for career advice and coaching, job board software, onsite and virtual career fairs, and compensation/career benchmarking, your association will advance members’ careers.

Data driven by dynamic dashboards and data integrations propels positive change and empowers organizations to move faster and develop smarter strategies.


Create colorful events and foster attendee connections

Enhance your events with cutting-edge technology that fosters professional growth in your sessions and deepens product knowledge in your exhibit halls. Our flexible event tech solutions ensure success with tools to streamline speaker and expo management, engagement, and onsite logistics.

The smarter way to manage all sessions, speakers, and abstracts submissions and reviews, distribute and track CEUs, publish a final agenda, collect speaker materials, and more – with one platform.

Create personalized and scalable online registration experiences through a highly configurable registration system for all event types, all year round.

Maximize attendee engagement with a user-friendly mobile solution that transforms session support, networking, and enhanced sponsorships from imagination to reality.

Seamless in-person event experience from start to finish with contactless check-in, badge printing, attendee tracking, interactive floor plans, lead retrieval, and more.

Extend engagement year-round with an intuitive mobile app to help your community connect with each other, engage on hot topics, get committee work done, or generate revenue.