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Take a deep dive into donor experiences and expectations.

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Resources Whitepapers / 2018 Donor Study

The ways in which donors interact with organizations is ever changing, as new giving and engagement opportunities are introduced using evolving technologies. With that comes new levels of expectations for their experiences (both online and offline) with nonprofits.

To better understand donors today and moving forward, we conducted the Community Brands Donor Experience Study, a deep dive into donor experiences and expectations. We wanted to get a handle on how donor preferences and expectations are shifting for future engagement with the nonprofit organizations they support. Here are some of our key findings:

  • How donors give is driven by donation amount and familiarity with organization.
  • There’s a growing preference for mobile giving.
  • Event experiences impact donations.
  • Technology can improve fundraising events.

It’s our hope these findings will help nonprofit organizations evaluate their own donor experiences, and attitudinal differences by age and income level, among other factors. This study should serve as a baseline for the shifting expectations of donors, so nonprofits can adjust their strategies to increase donor loyalty and contributions.