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Unmasking the Bologna of AI for Associations: Discovering Real Opportunities Beyond Generative AI

These days, it’s hard to read any tech news without some mention of AI—but what’s missing is a clear understanding of what’s real and what’s the bologna of AI for associations.

Industry research showed that associations have been slow at adopting AI and then the explosion of generative AI occurred. While developing and manipulating content through AI is great, in today’s climate, it’s critical that AI has a direct impact on revenue and growth.

As association professionals and change makers, the onus is on us to be forward-thinking to meet members’ expectations. Join our panel for a discussion on moving beyond the generative AI hype.


  • Today’s AI landscape: What are the association AI trends that you need to be aware of and how does your association measure up?
  • Taking AI usage past generative AI: AI is delivering on its revenue potential and is the future of member acquisition, engagement, and retention. Are you ready for the future of associations?
  • Best practices and advice for your AI projects: Lessons learned from years of experience with AI of what’s working and what’s bologna?
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