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thought leadership webinar

Beyond budget approval:

Next steps for successful software selection

Congratulations—your technology budget has been approved!

While this is an exciting time for your organization, you likely have a lot of questions. Maybe you’re wondering how to assemble the best software team or if you should use a consultant. Perhaps you’re not sure how to determine your technology requirements or find the best software vendor.

Learn how to research new technology and exceed your organization’s needs!

Beyond budget approval

Taking the next step in acquiring your new software might feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to.

Leverage our best practices from 20 years and thousands of technology implementations to research and adopt new technology that your association needs to manage membership, events, learning program, and career advancement.

What will you learn?

How to build the right software evaluation team to meet your organization’s needs

How to create a project summary to identify your technology requirements

How to connect with the right vendor to find the best software for your organization