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The AMS/LMS Integration Blueprint Webinar

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Create efficiency. Enhance experience. Bridge the gap between your association management software and learning management system.

Perhaps one of the most important features of a learning management platform is its ability to integrate with the heart of your operation – your association management system (AMS). The handshake between these two systems, and the seamless exchange of data between them, can mean all the difference in how your association is able to function and properly meet the needs of your members.

Access this webinar to see how we unravel the association integration ecosystem and uncover:

  • The key benefits to a seamless AMS/LMS integration
  • The top 3 integration challenges typically met by associations of any size
  • The capabilities, technology and service you should be looking for in support of your AMS/LMS integration

Plus, more on how Community Brands helps associations bridge the gap and create a successful integration blueprint with our learning management platforms, broad solution portfolio and best-in-class industry experts that help make it all happen.