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Millennium™ donor management.

Comprehensive donor relationship management tool.

Build lasting relationships with your donors.

Identify key relationships and giving patterns among donors and create custom strategies through workflow strategies.

Increase visibility with your stakeholders.

Uncover key trends, measure campaign success and share information quickly to track the progress and effectiveness of fundraising efforts.

Increase donations.

Create targeted campaigns and events for donors who are passionate about a specific aspect of your organization.

Connect more effectively.

Provide a 360-degree view of donation activity, donor communications, event participation and personal relationships among donors.

While you’re on-the-go, you can connect more effectively with people and information with mobile access. Key prospect and donor information is available directly from a mobile device or tablet to help keep you prepared anytime, anywhere.

A sophisticated web-based fundraising solution to empower development professionals.

Millennium features include:
Millennium Drive
Allow Major Gift Officers to access, enter and query relevant donor information anywhere, at any time.

Real-time data

Make strategic fundraising decisions with easy access to real-time data, using the Visual Analyzer tool.

Workflow automation

Share key information, dashboards and reporting specific to individual donors.

Campaign creation

Create targeted campaigns and events for donors.

Advanced reporting

Identify key relationships and giving patterns among donors.
Event management
Plan events and track registration and detailed attendance information.


Seamlessly integrate with WealthEngine, Initium Instant Address, Fundraising Online and SPS.

Open database structure

Use third-party products to see your data through different lenses.
“Millennium has allowed Ivey to track multiple levels of engagement in a very user-friendly and logical manner. Being able to track these engagements has deepened our relationships with our donors.”
Rita Nicholson

former Advancement Systems Manager, Ivey Business School

Deliver on your mission and empower your members

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