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The power of choice.

A range of compelling AMS options that fit your members’ and your staff’s unique needs.

Attract, engage, and retain members with association management software (AMS) that are easy to use, strengthen loyalty, and allow you to connect with diverse groups of members. One of the many benefits of partnering with Community Brands is our portfolio of choice. We work with you to identify which enterprise AMS solution is the proper fit for your organization and specific business goals. Click below to explore:

For Large Associations
and Labor Unions

For Mid-to-large Associations
and Nonprofits

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For Mid-to-large Associations

For Large associations and Labor Unions

Aptify is the leading association management software for large associations and labor unions. Its open, scalable, membership management platform catches the eye of savvy association and union leaders with complex, and often changing, business needs. Aptify’s customers include Lions Clubs International, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Air Line Pilots International, to name a few. Find out how Aptify’s agile platform grows as you grow, while simplifying the demand on your IT team.

For Mid-to-large Associations and Nonprofits

Ready for an AMS upgrade? NetForum Enterprise is a market leading association management software built for mid-to-large associations and nonprofits. With 30+ out-of-the-box modules, and room to configure, NetForum grows with your organization. If you’re looking to retire disparate systems, save staff time, and increase non-dues revenue, NetForum is the AMS for you. Find out why we’re voted #1 in customer satisfaction.

For Mid-to-large Associations

Nimble AMS helps you manage every aspect of your association while leveraging the power of the #1 CRM platform, Salesforce. With Nimble AMS, your organization will enjoy worry-free, continuous updates to both Nimble AMS and Salesforce and exclusive tools for communications, reports, integrations, and data management. From creating and managing a stellar membership experience to processing orders, managing events, and analyzing your organization’s data, Nimble AMS helps your entire team succeed.

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Community Brands Association Software Suite

You prosper when your members thrive.

Aptify, NetForum Enterprise and Nimble AMS are part of the Community Brands Association Suite, the industry’s most complete set of association software solutions – all designed to work together and deliver the most value possible to your members. Break through your growth hurdles and uncover new sources of revenue by choosing connected solutions that help you create the experiences your members expect, at every phase of their journey. Streamline your operations and get a 360 view of your members and your organization to automate your insights and turn data into results.

Career Centers

In times like these, members are looking for the right opportunity to fit their life and aspirations. Younger workers change roles frequently and view job opportunities as one of the greatest benefits associations provide. Be there throughout their career journey by delivering the most targeted and premium job opportunities. For those not yet a member, leverage insights from your job board visitors to create a list of high-value potential members to target for acquisition.

Event Management

Events and networking are one of the top drivers of member engagement. The complete set of event tech solutions will help you manage every aspect of your virtual or in-person event, while also leveraging key insights from your AMS including past event attendance, demographics, dietary requirements, or even topics of interest.

Learning Management

Career and learning opportunities are what motivate many members to join and renew. In one easy-to-use portal, present members with relevant learning courses that keep them coming back for more. Demographic, career, and past training insights from your AMS can be used to make personalized learning recommendations to the right members at the right time.