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YM Careers Mentorboard and Internboard

Services that engage early career professionals.


Every step of an individual’s career journey is impacted by the resources an association can provide. YM Careers offers you a MentorBoard to connect young professionals to mentors and protégés involved in your profession or industry. As you bring together mentors and mentees, you will solidify your organization’s role as a resource committed to promoting professional development and dedicated to enhancing the industry you serve. 


When an association makes itself relevant to students and early career professionals, it creates a pipeline of future lifelong members. Employers looking for top intern talent often need to fill these temporary positions at a lower cost. For both of these reasons, we are proud to offer you an InternBoard that enhances your traditional career center. Establish your InternBoard now, so that your organization will be considered the go-to resource for connecting young, talented workers with well-matched professional opportunities.

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