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Las Vegas October 11th-13th 2022

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Deliver more value to your attendees, sponsors, and organization with our event technology solutions and services. Create a seamless experience for your events from start to finish whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

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Expert-level speaker & session management.

Managing event content and organizing programs for in-person, hybrid, or virtual events requires personalization and flexible features. Attendee Interactive offers innovative solutions for event planners to streamline all aspects of their events’ learning and education, speaker and abstract management, credit issuance and claiming, reporting, event logistics management, and more.

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All your in-person event technology needs in one place.

Improve connections between attendees and exhibitors and simplify basic logistics for event administrators and planners – with a fleet of first-rate event technology solutions. Expo Logic is designed to create a seamless attendee experience from start to finish with contactless check-in, badge printing, attendee tracking, interactive floor plans, lead retrieval, and more.

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Engage with attendees both virtually & in-person.

Make your event planning life more efficient with one of the most flexible, easy-to-use event platforms and mobile event apps on the market. Pathable delivers streamlined attendee experiences that will create engagement and education opportunities, deliver more value, and improve ROI through real-time data and better networking.

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An award-winning & 100% customizable mobile app.

Meet your attendees’ expectations for any conference or trade show – from very large (over 150,000 users) to smaller more personal events (less than 100 users) – with Core-apps, the leading event technology company specializing in scalable, innovative, and cost-effective event apps. When your event attendees can easily find what they need on their own device, the entire experience is improved.


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