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Health Screening Mobile App

Keep your school safe. Empower your faculty, staff and families to self-screen.


Be a part of prevention and safeguard the health of your school with daily wellness check-ins. 

HealthCheck by Stratum™, a mobile application designed to assess the health of your school in real-time, is used by over 1 million people in hospitals, workplaces and school districts nationwide to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks. HealthCheck gives your school the ability to approve and protect those who enter your building based on CDC, state and local guidelines with added customization abilities and anonymous but detailed reporting. 

 HealthCheck is compliant with HIPAA, PHI, PII, CCPA, and GDPR and allows for non-invasive contact tracing without GPS. 


Users proactively enter symptoms and body temperature one or more times throughout the day. 


Prevent outbreaks by providing clear guidance to facultystaff or students on whether to proceed or stay home. 


Evaluate anonymized dashboards to assess health trends by department and location to proactively avoid risks and follow statemandated guidelines.

Give your faculty, staff and students peace-of-mind.

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