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Community Brands Completes Second Phase of Enterprise Initiative with Launch of Integrated Software Platform for K-12 Schools

K-12 software suite, powered by new SchoolCommunity platform, helps private and independent schools improve productivity and digitally engage students, parents and donors

October 23, 2018—ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.—Community Brands, the leading provider of cloud-based software for schools, associations, nonprofits and faith-based organizations, today made the all-new technology platform, SchoolCommunity, available for private and independent K-12 schools. Months in the making, SchoolCommunity is the enabling technology behind the company’s K-12 software suite – a complete set of integrated solutions addressing the digital needs of today’s schools.

The product launch includes an integration between the company’s TADS and Ravenna Solutions, forming a powerful admission, enrollment, tuition, financial aid and student management combination. Development of the new software platform was completed as the second phase of an enterprise initiative under the name Project FIRE (Future of Innovation, Revenue and Efficiency). These next-generation capabilities enable schools to choose from a best-in-class portfolio that improves productivity and digitally engages families and donors.

“Every school is unique in the way it operates and engages families,” shared Bethany Little, EVP K-12 Solutions at Community Brands. “The comprehensive software suite and the integrated SchoolCommunity platform support that uniqueness by helping schools choose the solutions and capabilities that best meet their needs. Community Brands is leading the way in K-12 software, and customers are excited by the new enhancements.”

SchoolCommunity Platform

SchoolCommunity is built to help schools use the combination of solutions that best meets their needs. The platform features an integration hub, which connects data across systems and creates a more seamless user experience. With a “wallet” style universal ID, families and administrators use one SchoolCommunity ID – the same username and password – to access solutions in the Community Brands K-12 software suite; users no longer need to keep or remember multiple passwords. As schools upgrade solutions within the suite, SchoolCommunity makes this possible without the adoption, implementation, or support challenges that sometimes accompany multi-system use.

Key platform features:

  • Integration hub connects education applications and creates simpler processes and workflows
  • Two-way data sync effortlessly moves information between systems and improves data quality
  • Universal ID with single sign-on capabilities eliminates separate logins and passwords

The company’s TADS and Ravenna Solutions are now integrated through SchoolCommunity. TADS offers admissions, enrollment, financial aid, tuition management, and student management capabilities; Ravenna offers one of the most advanced admissions solutions available. Schools needing the more advanced admissions capabilities of Ravenna pair the solution with the broad capabilities of TADS through the platform. Data seamlessly moves between systems, saving hours of manual entry and reducing the risk of lost or inaccurate data.

The new SchoolCommunity platform, together with the announced integrations, is available immediately.

K-12 Software Suite

A complete set of education-focused solutions, the software suite helps schools increase revenue, improve efficiency and digitally engage their communities. Solutions within the suite provide the breadth and depth of capabilities needed – from admissions to fundraising – to power a school’s technology, creating rewarding experiences for students, parents, and administrators.

A one-size-fits-all approach to technology often does not align to the uniqueness of schools. Individual school missions and differences in size often means that needs are best met by using a combination of technology solutions that are designed to work well together. The K-12 software suite is designed to offer that flexibility and enables schools to choose the best mix of products while also ensuring a connected experience for school administrators and families.

Comprehensive school needs addressed

  • Admissions and enrollment
  • Financial aid
  • Tuition and billing
  • Student information systems
  • Content management
  • Payment services
  • Fundraising and advancement

The education software suite has recently been enhanced with the company’s announced acquisition of UK-based Groupcall, a leading provider of communications and data analytics software. Additional suite integrations are expected to be released in the near future.

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