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Tuition Management in 2020

Webinar Series

About this Series

With school starting in a world of COVID-19, your school’s tuition software needs have likely changed. At Community Brands, we have two great tuition management solutions that can work for your school and your families: TADS Tuition & Billing Management and Diamond Mind TuitionPay.

Based on the specific needs of your school and families, you may find that one solution fits your needs better than the other. To help you select the right solution, we are offering webinars for each. Feel free to select the webinar for the product that you feel would work best for your school. If you are on the fence, feel free to attend both!

TADS Tuition & Billing Management is a full-service solution that automates your tuition management process

  • Streamlines your tuition management processes, from contracting and invoicing, all the way to reporting.
  • Offers multiple pricing models to meet different school and family needs.
  • Ideal for schools that would prefer to have family payments questions handled directly by the TADS team.

Diamond Mind TuitionPay helps school receive payments faster and simplifies the tuition management process.

  • Ideal for schools who already have an invoicing system in place.
  • Built for schools that want to maintain a direct relationship with families.
  • Remits payments on a daily basis.

Scrap everything you knew pre-pandemic

Our tuition software experts and product general managers  have put together a webinar to discuss he importance of having the right tuition solution for you and your families, especially in the digital world. Watch to learn more now.   

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Tuition management from TADS solves all your tuition problems

In a world of COVID-19, your school’s and families’ needs have changed. Wouldn’t it be great to have a solution work as an extension of your Business Office? Learn how TADS Tuition & Billing Management can do  the heavy lifting for you.  

On Demand Now

Diamond Mind TuitionPay can help you this year and beyond

Your school’s needs and families’ needs have changed in a world of COVID-19. Families are looking for convenience, simplicity and security. Diamond Mind TuitionPay is your 2021 tuition software. Watch our 30-minute webinar to learn more.

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