Crowd Wisdom® Learning Management System

Meet the next generation of online learning.

Engage learners with a rich learning experience.

Deliver a personalized and intuitive learner journey, and exceed your learners’ expectations by leveraging the latest education strategies and learning technology.

Empower and cultivate career growth with certifications and an integrated job board.

Connect learners with a clear career path through a Crowd Wisdom integration with YM CareersTM job board software by Community Brands. Easily administer dynamic tests and assessments to help learners manage credits and certifications.

Enhance engagement with a learning community.

Encourage learners to collaborate and share knowledge through a unified community within courses, discussions or blogs. Learners can provide peer-to-peer feedback to strengthen the learning experience.

Built for adaptive education strategies.

Create an engaging, learner-centric experience.

Crowd Wisdom enables you to provide a personalized, social and engaging learning experience which is learner centric. The Crowd Wisdom learning management system (LMS) suggests relevant content to each learner based on our advanced recommendation engine. It also allows learners to connect with peers to share knowledge and guidance.

Personalize the learning experience, deliver valuable content, and empower career growth with Crowd Wisdom LMS.

Branded, Customized Interface

Create a unified experience for your learners by matching Crowd Wisdom’s interface to your website. Work with our design team to build an interface just right for your organization.

Centralized Learning Hub

Develop courses faster by easily pulling content from one central source. Seamlessly launch third-party content and webinars through Freestone® by Community Brands, WebEx™, Adobe™, GoToMeeting™ or another full-service webinar provider.

Assessment & Testing

Simulate self-prep and conduct high-stakes testing with Crowd Wisdom’s test engine. The assessment engine is equipped with rich features, such as multiple question types to mock certification and licensure tests.

Tracking & Certifications

Issue and track CE and CME credits, certifications and competency-based certificates. Upload credits from any third-party source and centralize how your learners manage their educational life cycle. Grant, manage and expire learner certificates for education achievements for any e-learning standard (e.g. SCORM, AICC, video, etc.).

Video Playback Engine & Assessment

Turn your existing videos, recordings and speaker presentations into valuable learning content. Embed test questions throughout your course video, track time watched, provide interactive transcripts and handouts, and facilitate online discussions among learners and instructors.

Personalized Learning Paths

Organize and focus your learner’s education with a personalized learning path. Crowd Wisdom helps set objectives and competencies towards a certification and helps you manage your learner’s educational life cycle.

Social Learning Community

Transform your online learning into a social learning experience. Facilitate expert Q&A sessions, provide forums for speciality discussions, and allow course-specific conversations.

Content Authoring

Partner with us to create a meaningful and achievable learning program strategy to align with your organization’s mission, values and goals. We will help you produce quality content to foster professional growth through a personalized educational experience.

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Multi-Device Support

Quickly launch any course from anywhere, on any device, and easily pick up where you left off with course and video bookmarking. Crowd Wisdom is compatible with the following browsers and devices: iOS, Android, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It also accommodates learners with disabilities, meeting Section 508 compliance.

SSO & eCommerce Integration

Seamlessly integrate your AMS, ecommerce and CRM systems for a unified learner experience. From single sign-on to managing purchases and content management, Crowd Wisdom integrates with multiple providers and supports your authentication preferences.

YM CareersTM Job Board Integration

Integrate Crowd Wisdom with your YM Careers job board platform to acquire new learners and revenue. Relevant Crowd Wisdom courses will display to job seekers based on the user’s job search and resume content.

Live Event Tracking

Instructors and learners can easily track, record and manage attendance and credits earned from live events. Crowd Wisdom seamlessly tracks learner progress, safeguards double claiming, and issues learners credits and certificates of completion. Events may also be managed in bulk by instructors and administrators to meet every use case.

B2B Sales & Support

Segment and resell access and content to member organizations. Groups and chapters can receive or purchase access to a select number of seats to your e-learning courses with our self-serve group checkout. Give them the ability to also manage and report on their own group to provide a segmented experience under your organization’s umbrella.

Learn how to leverage Crowd Wisdom for your learners

Whether you are installing for the first time, for a new staff member or launching a new course, Crowd Wisdom has you covered. We help you identify efficiencies, reduce manual processes and lower administrative costs by effectively applying the powerful features of Crowd Wisdom. Take advantage of comprehensive training and best practices available through weekly training sessions, knowledge-based articles or customized, onsite training focused on your team.

Build momentum for your learning program.

We are all about relationships, not transactions. Your implementation focuses on the long-term success of your e-learning program. Our dedicated team goes beyond the installation to build momentum for your program with timely tests and adjustments, so it continues to be successful. With our cloud-hosted LMS, you always have the latest and greatest features as they become available. You no longer have to worry about web hosting, security, data backups or end-user support.

“With Crowd Wisdom learning management system, it’s incredibly easy for us to track large numbers of learners and send completion certificates directly to them when they complete their courses. So far, nearly 7,000 drivers have taken courses using Crowd Wisdom, and by taking these online courses, we have helped companies save up to $7 million annually.”
David Kestenbaum

Director , Certification for Sustainable Transportation at the University of Vermont

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Provide a more powerful and rich educational experience.

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