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Flexibility with expert service.

No matter which solution you you choose, our team of experts will make sure your unique needs are met! Explore two different Community Brand solutions that will provide your school with a secure way to process online payments.

TADS Tuition & Billing Management

Provide families with a personal tuition payment experience.

Go beyond tuition services from TADS to provide your school with a more integrated workflow between admissions, enrollment and financial aid.

Consider TADS Flex for a more predictable pricing approach that allows schools to set their own fee structure.

Diamond Mind TuitionPay

Adopt an easy online payment process in record time with the help of an experienced support team.

Maintain your direct relationship with families by remaining their point of contact.

Expand your payment experience with free form builders, a mobile app and robust reporting.

Choose the perfect solution for managing your school’s tuition.

Answer the question below to find your match!


Q: Do you require a solution that will send out student billing invoices to your families, or do you have this part of the process in place already?


We require an invoicing system


We already have an invoicing system in place