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Leverage Technology to Connect School Administration, Families and Students

Your school is more than a school. It’s a communication hub. Your faculty and staff, your students, and their families each brings their own needs to the table. And it’s crucial that you’re all reaching and understanding one another. Only a complete support system can nurture a child’s fullest potential. 

Connecting these three audiences poses many challenges, as you well know. However, the right software technologies make it happen more smoothly and effortlessly. Let’s look at how to get your communication hub firing on all cylinders in service to your mission. 

 Classroom Visibility 

Parents and caregivers want to know how things are going in the classroom. Teachers already have plenty of demands on their time, so automate communication where you can. Put the tools to managing an effective classroom in their hands. Meanwhile, give families access to grade and attendance monitoring, along with automated updates from the classroom.  

Engaged families can support their children in ways that complement the classroom, helping students become more successful. A holistic interface, data integration and other features mean that the workings of your classrooms stay connected to every other facet of the school ecosystem.  

 Whole School Functionality 

When technology runs more efficiently, you free up time to focus on your students and families. That is why 72% of K-12 schools are planning or already implementing interoperability projects to drive operational efficiencies across a growing number of technology platforms.*  

Realize whole-school functionality with a seamless suite of technology tools. Gain visibility into cafeteria and bookstore sales, fundraising efforts, and activity fees. Employ one intuitive interface for the teachers, administration, students, and families. Get everyone on the same page—literally.

Data Integration  

Never underestimate the power of data. It gives you measurable insights into what’s working and what is not, across systems. It quantifies your efforts and empowers your school to become more efficient. However, data only works if it’s consistent and accurate. Break free of silos and get effortless data interoperability across systems to eliminate work and inconsistenciesRegular, automated reports can analyze data from multiple sources to integrate it into a complete, valuable picture. 

Imagine what it will look like to have all the people who make up your school community sharing information easily. A demo of Community Brands products can help you visualize it. Let’s talk about how to leverage technology for the good of your school and the families you serve.

 *According to proprietary research commissioned by Community Brands in November 2018.