The Dynamic Duo: Career and Learning Opportunities, All in One.

Live - January 29th, 2020 at 1:00 PM ET

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It’s vital to understand your members motivations and what matters to them. We know that from our research that job opportunities, network and certification/education are key motivating factors in why members join organizations.  

And the best part:  An integrated career center and learning management system have a big role in all of this. They are Superhero’s in their own rights and why they make such a dynamic duo for your organization. 

Join us on Wednesday, January 29th at 1pm, where we will explore how an integrated career center and LMS can: 

  • Enhance your member engagementexperience, and value 
  • Increase your organizations non-dues revenue sources  
  • Dynamically offer learning courses and certifications to job seekers based on current resume attributes 
  • Empower members to create a personalized career and action plan  

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