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Helping schools and organizations get it together.

Schools and organizations large and small across the nation use TADS to manage their admissions, enrollment, aid assessment, billing and much more.

TADS Financial Aid Assessment

Tailored to meet the needs of your school or organization. We support you every step of the way with full auditing, contact history, document management and superior support.

TADS Admissions & Enrollment

From inquiry through acceptance, your environment is fully customized to your needs.Information submission is a snap; TADS handles all family follow up for document and fee collection.

TADS Billing & Tuition Management

Build Billing & Tuition Management agreements automatically from student data collected in admissions, enrollment, financial aid and more. View credits, debits, school-wide billing and amendable contract with precise line-item detail.

TADS Educate

The most comprehensive enterprise solution on the market, allowing information management for your schools and parish operations all in one system, all online.

Integrated & Standalone Services

TADS products are all available individually or in any combination of services. Have an existing admissions module that you love? We’ll integrate! Have an SIS that you work with already? Let us know and we’ll set up data sharing.

From Archdioceses to the smallest rural schools, our customers realize cost savings and service levels that are simply not available elsewhere. Your school can too.

Financial Aid Assessment Features:

The TADS financial aid assessment process ensures that available funds are best used to promote your school’s particular objectives. Why use a process or formula that fails to meet your specific needs? The one size-fits-all approach simply does not work with financial aid.

  • Custom Aid Formulas
  • Guidance for YOUR Organization
  • Personalized Family Follow-up
  • Powerful Document Collection
  • Scholarship & Fund Support
  • Comprehensive Awards Management

Billing & Tuition Management Features:

Most billing and tuition management tools do too little to help schools. TADS tuition management is an efficient, flexible system that gives schools control of their collection processes while TADS performs the service work.

  • Automatic Agreement Creation
  • Line-item Billing & Reporting
  • School-wide Billing
  • Built-in TILA Compliance
  • Flexible Billing & Payment
  • Friendly Support Service

Admissions and Enrollment Management Features:

Whether you have 2,500 or 25 students, TADS Admissions & Enrollment easily adapts to the needs of your school, allowing families to meet your admissions and enrollment requirements quickly and efficiently.

  • Extensive Reporting
  • Track Class Vacancies
  • Powerful, Proactive Form Collection
  • Collection of All Fees
  • Personalized Customer Service

Educate Features

The Educate suite of products is comprised of several School Management System (SMS) management solutions that provide access and features for parents, teachers, and administrators. It is the most comprehensive solution on the market for managing data throughout an entire school district, archdiocese, or a single organization, allowing you to manage information for your school and parish needs.

  • School Schedule Builder
  • Complete Classroom Module
  • School Record Management
  • School Census Data Reporting
  • Organizational Alerts & Notifications
We choose TADS because we appreciate the level of personal contact and their keen understanding of how schools operate and process the different steps of admissions, enrollment and tuition payments. TADS appeared to be user-friendly from the very beginning although the new interface is much better and a pleasure to work with.

ISB, International School of Boston

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