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School & Student Services (SSS).

SSS helps connect hundreds of thousands of students to an exceptional education.

Helping schools help families.

For more than 50 years, SSS has helped connect hundreds of thousands of students with an exceptional education.

Parents' Financial Statement
The Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) is the cornerstone of our financial aid application process. Families submit a PFS and grant us permission to analyze their financial information. Using our unique methodology, we estimate the amount they can contribute to school expenses and forward that estimate to the appropriate schools. It’s one form, for one fee, for any number of siblings, for any number of schools.

Professional Development

We provide the support, knowledge, and leadership schools and families need to make informed decisions regarding financial aid. New and experienced practitioners alike find high-quality training resources in the form of educational events, online tutorials, and a wide range of information resources.


We are committed to providing exceptional, real-time support. Our Customer Service Center offers assistance in English as well as Spanish — to both schools and families. And our deep pool of financial aid experts, both in-house and within our extended school community, provide an unparalleled level of expertise to help you manage your most challenging cases.

Your partner for equitable financial aid.

For decades SSS has been your strategic partner in financial aid management. Now, we’ve upgraded our cornerstone technology to be even more efficient, intuitive, and valuable to your school.

SSS offers next-generation financial aid technology to be more efficient, intuitive, and valuable to your school.

Cloud computing.

Our new vision begins in the cloud. The shift to cloud computing has steadily gained momentum by eliminating
the headaches of traditional business applications with on-demand IT resources. That’s why we chose as the backbone of our new systems.

Flawless performance

The world-class speed and stability of platinum-grade infrastructure means system downtime and sluggish performance is a thing of the past. You’ll find a system that’s massively scalable, handles tons of data, and
most importantly, is always available.

Elegant design

You’ll find a dramatically improved user experience that’s intuitive, easy to understand, and puts the financial aid data you need at your fingertips. A newly redesigned dashboard gives you the info you want as soon as you login, and a new layout for household financial information is easy to read and points out red flags for your review.

Streamlined functionality

Parents will find a faster, user-friendly system that makes it much easier to upload and manage their documents. And while the PFS questions and flow will be familiar to returning families, the application has been revamped with a clearer, more user-friendly layout. They’ll find help at every step along the way with built-in hints, tips, and question-by question instructions.

“What sets SSS apart is the personal touch. Relationships are very powerful and I know the folks at SSS want the best for our school and our families.”
Alan M. Foster

Director of Admissions, Bayside Academy (AL)

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