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6 tips for turning your clients’ event-goers into event-doers

Most AMC clients have traditionally relied on membership dues as their main source of revenue. As technology advances, so does the desire to diversify funding streams.

Adapting to an accounting solution that integrates with all your client’s products allows you to account for their non-dues revenue streams from events, online learning systems, advertisements, career centers, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and fundraising.

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Let’s get fiscal: Updating your AMC’s accounting software.

AMC Blog Transparency is key. Secrecy has been an untold rule in the old days of accounting but now, there is a demand for transparency and full disclosure so you and your client can make the best decisions possible when it comes to ensuring proper allocation of...

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Boosting non-dues revenue and member engagement with an LMS.

Not long ago, e-learning was in its inception, but distance learning has had a presence since the 1800s when Sir Isaac Pitman ran correspondence courses focused on a shorthand system that he had created. Since then, the advancement of technology, along with the...

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