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To prepare leaders of tomorrow, you need leading technology today.

The future sits in your classrooms today  

Your students will soon shape the direction of their communities and our greater society. But private and independent schools face unprecedented challenges. As you work to fill your classrooms, improve the family experience and find operational efficiencies, you need a technology partner to support you now and in the future. A partner who can scale and grow with you, seamlessly improving your operations and delighting your families.

The K-12 Select Suite uniquely provides the leading solutions to fit your mission, your size, your character. 

CommunityOne Platform

Admission & Enrollment

First impressions count. The admission process is your first chance to show prospective families the dedication you have to your students. Community Brands can help you streamline the enrollment journey, providing an effortless and engaging experience for both family and staff to help attract, admit, and enroll the right students.


Financial Aid & Award Management

In an ever-changing landscape, your financial aid program is an essential tool in enrolling mission-appropriate students and securing financial stability. Community Brands offers a choice between the two top financial aid services, ensuring your families understand their awards and make informed enrollment decisions.


Tuition Management

Whether you choose to manage your tuition in-house or through a trusted partner, families appreciate flexibility in how they pay. Community Brands gives you control of your entire collection process, reducing complexity and giving your families and staff valuable time back in their day.


Student Information Systems

You need powerful tools to manage your student and family information. Community Brands offers modern solutions that streamline management of your operations and are easy to use for your families, students and staff.



Payment Services

Delight your families and business officers by accepting online payments. Community Brands can help you simplify and accelerate payments across campus while helping you provide the experience your families expect.


Fundraising & Advancement

Fundraising is vital to the long-term advancement of your school. Whether you need a light tool to help you build online forms and collect payments or something more integrated that engages donors, Community Brands can offer you the right solution to fit your needs.


The Power of Choice


The Community Brands K-12 Select Suite
uniquely provides the leading solutions to
fit your mission, your size, your character.
Which are right for you? The choice is yours.

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Benefits of Having a Suite Solution

An integrated suite of software solutions smooths bumps and links those myriad tasks seamlessly to vastly improve efficiency. Read on for a few of the ways it can improve the work of your administration office.

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Making Mobile Payments Easier for Parents

Over 252 million people in the US own a smartphone; making payments online needs to be easy. Learn how our NEW mobile app will help.

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What solution is right for you?

One size doesn’t fit all. Too much about your school is unique. You deserve a technology partner that is
tailored to fit your needs today yet adapt to the continually changing education landscape.



Customers Success Stories

“As a small-format independent school in the hyper-competitive NYC market, Northside had to be strategic in how we chose to spend not just our financial aid budget, but also our human capital. By utilizing the expert service and FA acumen of the SSS team, Northside was able to develop a best-fit model that allowed us to target fantastic students that otherwise wouldn’t have access to a private school education and free up our school leaders to do what they do best – develop the deep-seeded relationships with young people and their families that form the backbone of any great school community”

Williamsburg Northside School- Brooklyn, NY

Customers Success Stories

“TADS provides everything we need, but what really keeps me as a client is their customer support. It’s considerably different than what I had been used at my previous school. Before TADS, I was used to a company that gave me the go-around, communicated only by email and sometimes didn’t respond at all. TADS customer service is incredible, and I love that I can actually call on the phone with only one number to call no matter what question I have.”

St. Raphaels Catholic School- Crystal, MN

Customers Success Stories

“Ravenna freed us up to be able to talk to parents about more important topics, not about scheduling visits and tracking application status.”

Woodward Academy- Atlanta, GA

Customers Success Stories

“With SchoolSpeak and TADS, we have a personal connection which is exactly what we needed.”

Catholic Community Schools- St. Cloud, MN


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