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Handling family tuition payments is a complicated endeavor for any school, but you can optimize the payment process through tuition management systems. The right solution helps schools manage costs and save time, all while making the payment process easier for families.

At Community Brands, we offer tuition management and payment solutions that make handling tuition simple. Our streamlined and customizable systems serve the unique needs of K-12 private and independent schools. The schools we partner with leverage our 160 combined years of expertise to solve business problems and streamline processes.

No matter which solution you choose, our team of experts will make sure your unique needs are met! Explore two different Community Brand solutions that will provide your school with a secure way to process online payments. 

TADS Tuition & Billing Management Benefits

Learn about some of the advantages and features of TADS Tuition & Billing Management:
Provide families with a personal tuition payment experience with an extended support team.
Go beyond tuition services from TADS to provide your school with a more integrated workflow between admissions, enrollment and financial aid.

Diamond Mind TuitionPay Benefits

Check out some of the many advantages of our Diamond Mind TuitionPay solution:
Adopt an easy online payment portal in record time with the help of an experienced support team.
Maintain your direct relationship with families by remaining their point of contact.

TADS Tuition & Billing Management Benefits

TADS Tuition & Billing Management can help you streamline payment processes and create more time in your day. This tuition management solution seamlessly automates workflow, interacts with families and improves overall accuracy to help institutions simplify school management. The TADS Tuition & Billing Management system includes three comprehensive features with everything you need to efficiently manage payment plans:
Tuition agreements: Provide families with many flexible payment options that promote affordability throughout a diverse student body. This solution gives you the ability to customize terms based on family needs and school requirements.
Billing services: Promote better efficiency and accuracy within your billing system, allowing you to bill at any time across any payment plan. TADS Billing Management embraces back-end reporting and ledger support for increased accuracy and account reconciliation.
Knowledgeable support teams: Our friendly TADS support team will work with families directly, answering any questions about payments and invoices with kindness and compassion.
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Diamond Mind TuitionPay

Through Diamond Mind TuitionPay, you can simplify tuition management, receive payments faster and connect with families directly. This tuition management solution allows individuals to make payments online and provides a branded online experience that is consistent with your school’s website. Diamond Mind TuitionPay has many unique and practical features for your school, including:
Virtual and In-person Connections
Cost neutral payment options: Payment plans through Diamond Mind TuitionPay simplify on-time payments and make tuition more affordable for families. You can also manage payment details like amounts, frequency and installments.
Manage plan participantsParents can stay informed with notifications regarding reminders, receipts and more.
Real-time reports: Schools can easily create, edit and review payment plans, status details and participants to reconcile payments across campus.

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For a digital payment system that will optimize your tuition process for schools and families alike, choose Community Brands. No matter which solution you choose, you can count on us to help you manage payments securely and efficiently. Contact us for more information on our tuition management solutions today!

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