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Alyssa Ruff

Senior Vice President, HR and M&A

Leading the Human Resources function at Community Brands is a true honor. Our employees are passionate about the support our products provide to schools, non-profits, associations, and events. The HR team helps sustain this passion by providing exceptional support for our employees.
Choosing Community Brands was an easy decision for me because I value the deep commitment to all communities served by our organization. I believe that data-driven decisions are key to an organization’s progress, and ours is aided by high-performing teams across the full HR suite of services.
In Recruiting, Benefits, HRIS, and Business Partnering, we aim to provide best-in-class HR service throughout the entire employee life cycle. In addition to talent acquisition, I also oversee the acquisition process itself at Community Brands. This means I am always looking for new products and people to invite into our family of solutions to expand the value we provide to our communities.