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Three Benefits of Having a Suite Solution in Your School’s Administration Office

There’s never a dull moment in a school administration office, is there? Your busy staff moves from task to task quickly as phones ring, parents make inquiries, and payments get processed. When shifting from one task to the next, any bump in the road slows things down. Yet, you need to stay efficient to stay top of mind. You need a positive experience for your team as well as the families you serve.

An integrated suite of software solutions smooths those bumps and links those myriad tasks seamlessly to vastly improve efficiency. Read on for just a few of the ways it can improve the work of your administration office.

Smooth Integration

In a recent survey, the Technical Director of an independent high school said, “Integration has become increasingly important for us as the number of systems we utilize has grown.”* Can you relate? As technology evolves, it should make work easier. However, when it changes in a disorganized manner, cobbling together multiple, unrelated systems, it can create the opposite effect.

If you’re like many other private schools, you’re working toward increased enrollment in the coming years. That’s great! But it also means more applications to process and more time devoted to new families—while still managing the needs of your current families. It’s critical to stay efficient in times of growth. If you’re working with a disorganized, unconnected group of solutions, you will fall behind.

Better Return on Your IT Investment

Software takes a big chunk of your budget, so shouldn’t it provide a return? On average, K-12 schools spend 3.9% of revenue on IT and 13% of their IT budget on software.*

A suite solution bundles many of your software needs, potentially saving you money up front. With a set of integrated solutions, IT professionals are free to focus on other things.

You will also see return on investment as you better track applications, invoices and payments. An integrated suite keeps revenue from falling between the cracks.

A Better Family Experience

As Millennials are now parents and caregivers, they expect a school to offer the same technical ease that they’re used to in other aspects of their lives. They buy coffee with a swipe of their phone, pay their friends for things virtually, and get reminders from their refrigerator to buy milk. Your school needs to keep pace.

If you aren’t sure that applies to your families, simply ask them. 80% of interviewed schools say that parents prefer digital communication from their schools, including online parent portals and mobile notifications.*

An integrated suite of tools helps you avoid miscommunication. You will get real-time records of interactions with families. Plus, automated tools like auto-payments or digital reminders keep everyone on the same page. Families will always have a quick way to reach you with questions or problems, even when the administration office is closed.

Focus on Your Mission, Not Your Tech

The more you can free up time and money to focus on what matters—students and families—the better you can achieve your school’s mission. Invest in tools that allow your staff to work efficiently. You will save time and money with seamlessly integrated solutions that fit your specific needs, rather than a variety of disparate systems. You’ll see a better return on your IT investment and keep families satisfied.